September 24, 2023



Btp Italia closes at 12 billion, driven by retail – Economy

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The eighteenth edition of the BTP Italia closes with funding close to 12 billion euro: institutional investors, on the last day of placement, subscribed bonds for 4.71 billion euro, which add up to the 7.28 billion received from savers in the first three sessions.

This is the sixth best result ever for the Btp Italia, this year particularly greedy for families and drawers, hungry for low-risk instruments with which to protect their savings from the bites of double-digit inflation (+11.8% in October). It is no coincidence that the participation of retail – the stock was purchased by 255,753 savers – was the second highest ever, behind the record issue of 2020, intended to finance the measures to combat Covid.

“The latest success of Btp Italia is a great sign of confidence in the policies adopted by the Government. We want a strong, productive Italy that is the architect of its own destiny”. The Prime Minister writes it on social networks, Giorgia Meloni.

The economy minister says he is “proud of the success of the Btp Italia”. Giancarlo Giorgetti: “I am particularly satisfied also because, beyond the figures, we manage to attract more and more investments from households who obviously trust the state’s proposal to defend private savings against inflation”. As proof, he adds, “that we have chosen the right path”.