October 4, 2023



Brown, pink, minimal: the 2022 styles for the Christmas tree

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It is the first question to address. The natural tree is more ecological: it is specially grown in the nursery and at the end of the holiday season, if we have treated it with care, it can also be replanted and return to nature. To make it live, we must keep it with all its roots in a pot of suitable size, and water it lightly, keep it away from radiators and heat sources; it is also necessary to avoid spraying it with artificial snow and loading it with too heavy decorations. The synthetic tree has the advantage of lasting for many years and not filling the floor with pine needles: when we decide to throw it away, however, it will take a very long time to dispose of it. So the choice is personal.


Red and gold are the colors of Christmas par excellence and never go out of style. They are a winning choice, especially if we have children in the family: a beautiful large fir tree, decorated with red spheres, also mixed with other colours, indulges the preferences of the little ones and offers moments of festive sharing, given that decorating the tree together is one of the most loved rites of the Holidays. The lights? They are perfect, as long as they are led: they do not heat up and are energy efficient. If the home environments are not very large, but we don’t want to give up a nice fir tree, we can choose the “slim” versions: they have the same height as the normal ones, but a smaller circumference and therefore take up less space, still making a great impression . Gold and red, even with rather large decorations, proportionate to the size of the fir tree, are always sure to be successful, to be used also for the decoration of the rest of the house and the Christmas table.


As is often said, less is more. One of the guidelines for 2022 is precisely minimalism, in which the tree (in this case the real fir is better) takes center stage with few (or very few) decorations, better if made with natural materials: pine cones, small straw weaves, some gingerbread cookie. The same tree can be made entirely of wood and decorated with small objects or a few lights. Does that sound a little sad to us? It is actually refined and perfect for small apartments furnished in a contemporary style.


It is one of the most popular themes of this year. The wooden and straw decorations are very strong, but also using fruit, fresh or dried and flavored with cloves, ginger and cinnamon: tangerines, apples, pomegranates are colorful and very fragrant. Yes, even to decorations with pine cones and berries, or those that reproduce woodland animals and mushrooms, perhaps made with wool and natural fabrics.


As an alternative to black, which is also very fashionable, but less gloomy, it is one of the hottest trends this year. It can be used both for the tree and for the decorations: in the warmer shades and illuminated by a few golden touches, it generates a pleasant sense of warmth and intimacy, recalling the shades of the wood. Excellent idea to mix it with green, another leading color of this year’s fashion. To complete the effect, we can re-propose the nuance in the furnishings of the room, by adding some cushions or by covering the sofa with a matching fabric.


Silver is decidedly out this year, so if we want to create a “North Pole” effect, light blue and blue should be combined with white. Since pastel colors are particularly popular this year, we can give prevalence to cold shades of light blue, with a touch of darker blue here and there. White can be used for decorations or for the tree itself: the whole is perhaps a little cold, but very refined.


Pink has been very trendy for some seasons now and offers refined and harmonious atmospheres. The softer nuances are strong, such as face powder and antique pink, which can be combined with a few touches of darker pink and even mauve, for a contrasting effect. Again, if we want to add a light and bright tone, we can add a little white, choosing shades of cream or light gray. Here too, however, silver is always to be avoided.

SAVE SPACE If we don’t want to give up a small tree, but there is very little space, we can choose a “wall” tree, that is, built from decorative elements which, leaning against the wall, make up the shape of the Christmas tree. We can decorate it with small spheres, lights or other decorations, as long as they are really minimal.

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