September 24, 2023



Bara, the sensational revelations of the gang involved in the kidnapping of the girl

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Web Desk: The male and female abductors arrested for the kidnapping of a girl in Bara have made sensational revelations. The accused have admitted to abducting more girls and handing them over to a gang of kidnappers from Punjab for Rs 20,000. Whose social media interview went viral. On Saturday, the Bara police arrested the gang that kidnapped the girl Mah Noor from Spain Grave, Bara police arrested 6 members of the gang, Abdur Rahim, Jafar Hussain, Ruqia Dakhtarja Farah Hussain, Badam Gula wife of Jafar Hussain, Nazia Gul wife of Sartaj Khan, Najma wife of Tariq Zaman. The residents included Atta Muhammad Garhi. During the interview, the accused have also confessed to the abduction of more girls.
Accused Abdul Rahim said that he abducted the first girl from Zangli, where he handed over the girl to him as an abductee of Punjab near Ring Road. Along with the kidnappers of Punjab, there are also women in the car, similarly children were also handed over to a kidnapping gang of Dera Ghazi Khan, but that gang was caught, now these children are being sold in Lahore. Nazia and other female abductors said that they used to make the children unconscious with blocker-drugged handkerchiefs under the guise of chips and coffee and then drugged them. After Zangli, Rashid also abducted a girl from Ghari who was sold in Lahore.

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