September 26, 2023



Arshad Sharif murder case, fact-finding team’s letter to Dubai Police

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Important turning point in the investigation of journalist Arshad Sharif’s murder case, FIA’s fact-finding team wrote a letter to Dubai Police to provide information.
Web Desk: The investigation into the murder case of Pakistan’s senior journalist Arshad Sharif has reached a turning point, the fact-finding team of FIA has written a letter to the Dubai Police to provide information.
In the letter written by the team, it was said that where Arshad Sharif stayed, details and footage of the house and surroundings should be given, and information should be given about Arshad Sharif’s whereabouts and movements in Dubai.
The letter said that the CDR of Arshad Sharif’s number should be provided while the data of the Pakistani passport holder who came to Dubai from October 10 to October 20 should be provided.
Which UAE government official asked Arshad Sharif to leave the country? His information should also be provided.
A letter written by the investigation team to the Dubai Police has also been requested to nominate a focal person.

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