September 23, 2023



Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo invade Silvia Toffanin’s station and sing “Maledetta Primavera”

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Guests at “Verissimo” the trio creates havoc in the Canale 5 studio

Guests in the studio of “Verissimo”, Aldo, John and James create havoc by invading Silvia Toffanin’s workstation. “But can’t we bring this table closer? – asks Giacomo as he prepares to raise the small stage that divides the guests from the presenter of the Canale 5 program. “But you’re an idiot – Aldo replies – there are all the cables below!”.

“A technology that even NASA doesn’t have this stuff here,” he adds Giovanni. “And to think that I do nothing all day and I have superhuman strength,” she comments jokingly Giacomo. “That’s enough, I’m leaving there” mutters Aldo while very agile lift the chair to move it next to Silvia Toffanin’s. A second later Giovanni and Giacomo also do the same and with a little effort, dragging their chairs, they invade the presenter’s position. “And now what do we do? Sing?” She asks Toffanin amused. “You listen. We’ll take care of it” answer Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo in chorus.

To kick off the singing performance it is Aldo who, with a bottle of water in his arms, sings the notes of the song “Maledetta Primavera”.

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