September 23, 2023



15 years have passed since Shafi Mohammad Shah left his fans

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It has been 15 years since the well-known TV actor Shafi Muhammad Shah left his fans. Born in 1949 in Kandiaro, Sindh, Shafi Muhammad Shah studied law in addition to his MA in international relations.

He started his artistic journey in the 60s with Hyderabad Radio. In his time, the famous producer and director of PTV Shahzad Khalil introduced Shafi Mohammad Shah on the small screen through the drama Udta Asman. His first hit was the serial after which he never looked back and achieved the status of a TV superstar through his lively acting.

During his artistic journey of 30 years, Shafi Muhammad Shah showed his acting skills in more than 100 Urdu and Sindhi dramas. Among his popular dramas are Aanch, Chand Grahan, Zeenat, Circles, Walls, Jungle, Marvi, Tapash and Laila Majna. are

In recognition of his technical services, he was awarded the Tamga Hasan Award by the Government of Pakistan. In 2006, he suffered from liver disease which took his life and in 2007, he left this world.

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